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The devil is in the Details

A friend talked about work on our way to dinner:

-The customer asks too much. The paint coat is offset, the pattern exposed on the bottom plate is a little different from design. I tell him it's so small, the customer won't notice; it's just decoration and doesn't affect function; it still meets industry standard. He doesn't agree and threats to escalate.

While talking we arrived at the restaurant:

-Waiter, menu please.

-You can order by scanning the code with your phone.

-I tried, nothing came out.

-Yes the signal here is not good.

-(louder) Then please give us the menu.

-(even louder) I told you to scan the code.

My friend wanted to complain: Either give me the menu, or make the network better so I scan the code. He doesn't help and gets a big temper.

We finally got our food and continued with the previous topic: the customer at work has the same expectation as we do now. Won't be noticed, don't affect function, meet the minimum standard don't solve the problem and sound like excuses. It wastes the customer's time and makes him furious. We should explain why it occurred; solution and impact on cost/schedule; or why it can't be solved and alternatives; and let the customer decide.

The food was delicious. My friend became happy and was ready to communicate with the customer.













This article was written by Qi Feng (GM)


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