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Perfection through Harmonization

As bridge-builders between different cultures, in the process of recruiting talents, in addition to the candidates' professional abilities, we always pay attention to their personalities, especially their cross-cultural abilities. So it's really delightful, when the candidates respond that they feel our efforts, our focus on their personalities and their interests.

Recently, in a foreign job matching process, we received such feedback.

“Mr. Dirk, you are a great Man. I know that you are there to do your job but until now I didn't met somebody like you and Mr. Wessel. (…) A HR search firm to take care so much about their candidates and to prepare me for the future.

This is my feedback and for this I respect you.“

Such beautiful words are not just like sweet honey to us, but also encourage us to pay a decisive amount of attention and understanding to the concerns of our candidates in the future.






This post was written by Dr. Dirk Getschmann.


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