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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

(chinese below)

Dear customers,

as a partner of the HR-Expertgroup, we stand for high-quality service in process optimization, restructuring, economic efficiency, and personnel consulting. The HR-Expertgroup focuses their services mainly on Germany - We want to offer our services also beyond that.

To expand and improve our global service, we decided to start the Oliver Wessel Consulting Association Ltd. in Hong Kong. Our team consists of different cultural backgrounds, and the combination of many years of international experiences and a young and dynamic spirit.

Within the last months more and more of our customers asked for mediation between the Asian and the European culture. Therefore, we support you with our local and global employees, successfully building cultural bridges to reduce cultural misunderstandings and communication problems.

Being located in Hong Kong, we can react flexibly and quickly on site and respond to the needs of our customers.

Digitalization is one of our main focuses. But as you can see, especially at the moment in times of Corona, digital contact alone cannot solve all of the misunderstandings and communication difficulties. That is why we always prioritize face-to-face communication in addition to the digital communication.

We want to convince you as an experienced and dynamic team.

We want to overcome the global barriers for your company’s future.

We want to support you in defining and solving the challenges for your company’s success.

We want you to regain your invested capital in a short time.

Together with you, we want to be successful in the future.

Face-to-face in combination with a win-win mentality, that is what defines our dynamic team.

Let us shape the future globally together.

Sincerely yours,

Oliver Wessel

(Chairman, OWCA Ltd. Hong Kong)




为了拓展和提升全球服务,我们在香港成立了新公司:Oliver Wessel Consulting Association有限责任公司。我们的团队成员来自不同的文化背景,有多年全球实践经验,同时也是一个年轻并充满活力的队伍。











Oliver Wessel (董事长,香港OWCA有限责任公司)


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