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iPhone as car key: Apple prepares launch

(Chinese below)

Users will be able to digitally store the keys for supported vehicles in the wallet app and to share them via iMessage, as Apple itself now has revealed.

Car manufacturers such as BMW have provided a digital key for Android devices so far - this will change soon (Picture: BMW).1


Soon I will be able to open my car with my Apple Watch.

This article shows again what I have already told some years ago:

· The car itself is not the basis, but the IT is.

· Therefore, it is going to be smartphone technology with 4 wheels, not Automotive High Tech with smartphone technology

This is not new at all. It does not surprise me that Tesla is so far ahead when I see the way vehicles are developed - again and again…

iPhone用作汽车钥匙:苹果着手准备 (文章来源:"")

苹果透露,用户将能够以数字化形式将配对的车钥匙存储在钱包应用中,并通过 iMessage 共享。

汽车制造商,比如宝马,到目前为止,只是给安卓设备提供了一个数字钥匙-这种情况将很快改变 (图片:BMW).1




· 汽车不是基础,IT才是。

· 因此,这将是长在四个轮子上的智能手机技术,而不是使用了智能手机技术的汽车高科技。



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