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Inspirations from a Hike

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

(chinese below)

On one side is a lake, it rained yesterday, there is now some fog on the water; on the other side is a dense forest with thick poplar trees and straight fir trees; some red, yellow, purple flowers dot in the grass on the sides of the road, butterflies dance up and down, some birds and squirrels appear and run away quickly. The wind blows, I can hear the leaves “shasha”, the water “huahua”, and the birds singing “jiji”. I am hiking in the National Forest Park “Moon Lake”. At this moment, I feel peaceful, free and satisfied.

It’s about 17.5 kilometers around the lake. My goal is 2 hours 30 minutes - 2 hours 45 minutes. Because of the Corona I haven’t been hiking for quite a long time. This goal is a little bit challenging. The sports app on the phone broadcasts every kilometer the total distance, the total time and the time used for the last kilometer. I calculate the gap to the big goal and adjust the speed, either go fast, or run slowly. Northeast Tiger Park, Golf Training Ground, Qingsong Ridge, each time I pass a "landmark", I’m closer to the “finishing line”.

I like thinking about different things during sports. Like now, I feel sport is like project management, everyone is his own project manager. Write hiking into this week's to-do list; plan for breakfast, transportation, ticket, supplies, equipments etc.; hike; record with app, check with plan and adjust progress; stretch and mark a “done”, are just like initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing processes. Listen to the app broadcast is like watching a Gantt diagram; the "landmarks" are milestones. The unknown passers-by saying “come on” or giving a thumbs-up, is like an unexpected encourage from a nice stakeholder.

I finish at 2 hours 35 minutes, not bad. But I have to exercise more and go back to 2 hours 15 minutes. The Corona will be gone, the economy will recover, and life will go in a good direction. OWCA wishes all to live healthily and work happily.


环潭一圈差不多17.5公里,我的目标是2小时30分钟-2小时45分钟完成。疫情影响,挺长时间没徒步了,这个目标有点挑战。 手机开着运动app,每公里语音播报总长度,总时间和最近一公里用时。我计算着和大目标的差距,调整速度,或者快走,或者慢跑。 东北虎园,高尔夫训练场,青松岭,每经过一个“标志性”景点,就离终点更进一步。

我喜欢在运动时天马行空的“胡思乱想”。就像现在,我觉得运动就像项目管理,每个人就是自己的项目经理。 把徒步写进这周的待办事项;计划早饭,交通,门票,补给,设备等各个具体环节;徒步;用app记录,对照计划,调整进度;拉伸,把待办事项标注为已完成,就像启动,规划,执行,监控和收尾。 听着app播报,就像看一个甘特图;那些标志性景点,就是里程碑。 并不相识的路人喊句加油,伸个大拇指,就是收到了一个意料之外的可爱的相关方的鼓励。

最终完成时间是2小时35分钟,还不错;不过要多来走走了,争取尽快恢复到2小时15分钟。 疫情总会过去,经济也会复苏,生活最终会朝着好的方向发展!



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